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3 Innovations - Lighting the Way for Design

In a world where the latest and greatest is a revolving door, lighting design differs because it’s driven by innovation. Which means lighting trends aren’t just about style; they’re also about using enhanced technology breakthroughs that have infinite possibilities. Even the most classic lighting fixtures have become popular again thanks to efficient, modern technology. Let’s take a look at the lighting innovations that are making waves from the inside out.

1. The LED Effect


While LED has recently found its groove in the last decade or so, you’d be surprised to know that scientist Nick Holonyak, Jr actually invented the technology in the early 1960s. LEDs have broken barriers in terms of efficiency. With LED lighting emitting 85% less electricity than its incandescent counterparts and 50% less than fluorescents, it’s no wonder homeowners, builders, and lighting professionals are opting to put LED lights in place. Not only do they improve efficacy (lumens/watt), but some of them are known to have health benefits. For example, recent developments show that color tuning and RGBW LED lighting technologies allow LEDs to mimic the stimulus provided by natural light, which can promote a healthy and regular circadian rhythm. So in a residential household, LED lights can be configured to generate brighter lighting that emphasizes blue wavelengths during daylight hours, with transitions to warmer lighting in the evening. These changes tap into the light of our creator and nature that lifts our inner being. Proper lighting also has the benefits of decreased stress and anxiety, decreasing headaches, and increasing productivity and regenerative healing.


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The lower wattage has also allowed for lighting techniques to be used in otherwise forbidden locations. Those locations where physical touch is possible or hard to get to locations on the interior and exterior of buildings have expanded and there are so many creative ways to put Light in a new location.




Lighting design has the power to make an immediate emotional impact on a space. So why not start before anyone even steps foot inside the structure? Thanks to continuously evolving weather-proof technology, more and more developers, architects and owners are realizing that the impressions of a space begin forming outside, the moment someone views it. By increasing lighting design outdoors, you’re setting the tone for the space by creating a distinct ambiance and defining the feelings that the inside will give. But improving curb appeal starts, sometimes, a mile or two away but that is only the half of it—outdoor lighting provides additional security and will even increase property value when compared to structures without creative lighting.



Power Over Ethernet (PoE) is the latest system architecture to come along for controlling not only lighting, but all types of electrical devices. In the past, Ethernet cables were not used to power devices like lighting fixtures because they required more wattage than the cable could transmit. However, with lighting continuing to evolve and LED becoming as energy efficient as it is, Ethernet cables can now power and control multiple PoE light fixtures at once. PoE controls act as a central network that offer a huge advantage for lighting, especially lighting that is difficult to access on ceilings or building exteriors. Its popularity is gaining due to its energy reduction methods and cost savings, likely meaning it’s only a matter of time before it becomes the golden standard. The power behind it all is the software controllability of all electrical devices. In the right hands with the right application, PoE can be a great tool for those developing, owning or operating a business.

In the world of lighting design, there are endless possibilities for transforming a space, especially as technological innovations continue to evolve. The sheer volume of choices can be overwhelming. Which is why we created our visual guide, Top 10 Trends In Lighting Design. Download your copy here to get access to this visually stunning guide, perfect for sharing with clients and colleagues.

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