Introducing our newest member of the band… Mark Keilson!

If you’ve followed Oldner Lighting for any length of time, you’ll know we liken our company and our work to a rock band putting on an incredible show. It’s part of the fun and excitement of living. So, it’s always exciting when we find new talent that fits into our unconventional mold. That said, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added another cool cat to the group!

IMG_2838-EDIT 1Mark Keilson, born and raised in the DFW area, will join the Oldner Lighting team as Senior Lighting Designer. And, like all of us here at Oldner Lighting, he discovered lighting design by accident, and we’re sure glad he did. He’s been designing worldwide for 39 years, won numerous awards, and has been published on the cover of Architecture Digest as well as other industry leading magazines.

His favorite part about lighting design is his ability to create something extraordinary and build relationships with his clients. When asked what he wished others knew about professional lighting design, he said, “It’s critical for the success of your project… Lighting is the icing on the cake and is integral to every project. Without it, the space is incomplete. I’m really an educator for my clients and enjoy bringing them along in the process.”

Scott and Mark have known and respected each other’s work for over 25 years and are grateful for the opportunity to be in the same lighting band! We’re thrilled to have Mark join our team and look forward to raising the bar, creating spectacular visuals and being together.

Get ready, the shows about to start!

Light on,

The Oldner Team

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